The girls here are charming, Davidson Bros. - circa 1910

The girls here are charming, Davidson Bros. - circa 1910
On the Front of the Card (Verse): "The girls here are charming" Hand written in ink.

On the Back of the Card (Left Side): "Davidson Bros., London & New York / Printed in England."

Publisher: Davidson Bros.

Circa: 1910s

Stamp Box: Empty with the word "Stamp" at the bottom.

Stamp: Half Penny Green

Postmark: JY 27 10


Addressed to: Miss Violet Hane / 136 Corporation Building / Clerkenwell / London / EC

Written on the Card: "Miss Hane, / I was just going to pat Mm Darling Violet only I thought perhaps you would chide me for doing so. Well _____ (Sorry I mean Mss Hane.) How is your Mamma and all the little Rabbits. And Ethel the girl with the blue stockings (very near made another bloomer and put pink garters.) bags of love, Will.

"P.S. Remember me to Em / I do not know his address has he shirked yet.

"I suppose you are not coming this way on Monday. Try and kid Em. Ask him to drop me a card saying how he is going on."


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