Crazy Quilting Supplies ~ Small Quantities of Lovely Things for the Repair, Restoration and Creation of this Victorian Art

Crazy Quilting holds a special place for me. It has been romanticized and collected before it became known by the name crazy quilting.

Crazy quilting is a way to use up tiny leftover pieces of fabrics and laces. It is a way to add stories into everyday items such as quilts and pillows. Today, we find tiny pieces of beautiful embroideries, in the style of crazy quilting, adorning clothing and accessories. It is my favourite way to use up the lovely bits that are leftover from kits and projects.

These pages have beads, buttons, bundles, laces, fabrics (occasionally), and especially ~ these pages will have 'last of' and one-of-a-kind items that I just know are waiting for the perfect corner of a block to find a home in.....

If you would like to contact me, please send a note to Leslie@CherryBlossomInBlue or call me at 1 778 708 0454 (Pacific Time, Canada). Texts are also welcome.
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